Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hypnosis: The Best Weight Loss Supplement

Everyone knows that to lose weight: all you need to do is eat less and exercise more. However, this is really tough to pull off with any consistency. Therefore, many supplementary weight loss approaches have been created to try to make this process easier. The most common alternative weight loss approach involves consuming some form of diet supplement to suppresses the appetite and/or raise the metabolism. Unfortunately, most of these supplements either don’t work, are unhealthy for you, and/or they create an expensive dependency.

For those experimenting with diet supplements, just remember: “buyer beware”. For instance, in a recent large scale review of 31 research studies covering 13 different popular alternative weight loss approaches—most consisting of popular supplements—British scientists found that only two approaches produced significant, reliable weight loss success: taking supplements containing ephedrine and hypnosis/hypnotherapy (Pittler & Ernst, 2005). These results were particularly applicable to women. The other 11 approaches were not found to produce any reliable, predictable weight loss results. Hence the common disclaimer on most weight loss products: “individual results may vary”. Translation: this weight loss supplement probably won’t help you whatsoever, so your results will probably “vary” in the “this stuff doesn’t work” direction.

Since taking ephedrine-based products (also called ”ephedra” or “ephedra sinca”) has been banned for being extremely dangerous and unhealthy, that leaves hypnosis as the healthy, effective choice. This massive research study concluded that a combination hypnosis/behavior change program is by far the best and most effective supplementary weight loss approach to support “eating less and exercising more”. Specifically, the most successful weight loss method combined multiple hypnosis sessions with some sort of research-based diet and exercise counseling/information.

What does all of this mean for you? Well, if you would like some legitimate help your dieting experience a much easier, and effective experience, hypnosis is most likely the way to go. Hypnosis is a process of getting your mind in the right place to make the best weight loss choices along the journey of your diet. If you are wanting to lose weight, I highly recommend it. I myself lost 73 pounds in 2001 after hypnosis. (For more on my personal hypnosis for weight loss story, see More on hypnosis and weight loss in future blogs.

Dr. Randy


Pittler, M.H., & Ernst, E. (2005). Complimentary therapies for reducing body weight: A systematic review. International Journal of Obesity, 29, 1030-1038.