Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Diet Supplements Don’t Work!

Hello Everyone:

Diet supplements don't work. Here's why: they either don't work at all and/or have horrible side effects that are harmful to your health. The few supplements that may temporarily promote some weight loss do so by trying to:

1) Artificially suppress your appetite--leading to malnutrition and your appetite returning with a vengeange when you stop taking the supplement

2) Try to bind and pass excess food out of your body--which strips your body of vital nutrients and promotes malnutrition

3) Try to forcibly accelerate the body's metabolism to burn calories faster--which creates an unhealthy strain on the heart and even heart attacks

4) Trying to get you to buy entire meal plans of lower calorie foods--leading to high expense and lost pounds returning when a person eventually chooses their own foods again

In short, diet supplements are expensive, ineffective, and unhealthy. The best solution? Create your own diet and exercise program based on moderate exercise that you'll actually maintain longterm + create your own lower-calorie diet with foods that you'll actually eat and stick with. Weight loss--that is, long-term, healthy weight loss--comes from a long-term healthy weight lifestyle, rather than through expensive, unhealthy diet supplements and/or foods that cannot be maintained.

There is no easy, quick fix with weight loss. This is a marathon, not a sprint. However, if you would like assistance to kick-start your weight loss motivation and committment, you might want to check out my comprehensive hypnosis for weight loss program at Hypnosis for weight loss = good. Diet supplements = bad.

Best wishes,

Dr. Randy