Saturday, March 3, 2007

My Hypnosis Program for Losing Weight

I know about weight loss—both professionally and personally.

As a licensed clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist, I had a goal to create the absolute best and most comprehensive weight loss program possible—the perfect program that I myself would have loved to have back when I needed to lose my weight.

I actually had 70 pounds to lose a number of years ago. Like most people, I tried many different diet and exercise routines over the years with no success whatsoever. Then, I was fortunate to have one single hypnosis session back in 2001 to lose the weight. My feelings and attitudes about weight loss miraculously improved from that point. 12 months later and 70 pounds lighter, I replaced my obese lifestyle with much healthier choices that I have kept ever since. I learned firsthand how the power of hypnosis can truly create a weight loss mindset and lifestyle. Ever since losing my own weight, and after receiving my own hypnosis training in 2001, I’ve been helping others lose weight with hypnosis in my psychotherapy office.

From that training and experience, I slowly created the most thorough, comprehensive, and effective hypnosis program that I could. The result is my latest program, The Weight Loss Mindset. This program includes much more than I ever had when I was losing my weight. So, feel free to review this site to have any additional questions answered about myself, hypnosis, and weight loss.

Thank you for interest. I wish you immense health and happiness.

Dr. Randy


Anonymous said...

did you reach your 70 lbs. goal? I also use hypnosis for all sorts of things. Great article!

Dr. Randy said...

Yes, I've lost and kept off my 70 pounds since 2001. For more info, see:


Randy A. Gilchrist, Psy.D.