Wednesday, August 1, 2007

10 Tips for Eating Smaller Portions

Here are 10 things you can do to successfully eat smaller portions. Research shows that you will generally eat less when you:

1) Drink from tall, skinny glasses (over shorter, fatter glasses)
2) Place food on smaller plates
3) Create meals with less variety (the greater the variety, the bigger the portions)
4) Train yourself to not eat all of the food on your plate (push the plate away with some food remaining)
5) Periodically have someone else dish up your food (a person that supports your diet)
6) Eat slower; chew longer and pause between bites
7) Between bites, take a break and allow your body to notify you when it is naturally full
8) Take smaller bites; place less food on your fork/spoon before you place it in your mouth
9) Switch between eating bites of the healthier foods on your plate before eating the less healthy/more fattening foods
10) Try to give yourself portions no larger than your clenched fist (which equates to the size of your stomach)

Any other tips for eating smaller portions? Please leave them in response to this posting. Happy (healthy) eating!

Dr. Randy

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