Friday, August 17, 2007

What is the Weight Loss Mindset?

Weight loss ... easy, right?

Statistically, all it takes to lose weight and keep it off is to "eat less and exercise more". It's just a numbers game, right? When the number of calories taken in each day is lower than the number of calories burned off, you'll lose weight. Doing this consistently each day will eventually bring you to your weight loss goal. After reaching your lower weight, maintaining it then becomes a simple matter of matching the number of calories taken in versus burned each day on average.

Unfortunately, successful long-term weight loss is actually much more complicated in real life. In fact, people tend to horrible at actually pulling off this lower calorie lifestyle--especially over the long haul. So, what is the secret formula for making this happen? I actually have an answer: the creation and maintenance of a respectable eating and exercise routine AND the possession of a strong weight loss mindset.

A successful weight loss mindset is an individualistic combination of commitment, motivation, desire, focus, and vision. So, how does one create and feed such a mindset? Here are a few ideas:

1) list the positive benefits/pleasure you'll receive by losing the weight and review this regularly
2) list the negative consequences/pain that will occur if you don't choose to lose the weight
3) research and write out a number of key positive, inspirational quotes/lines that motivate you to do what you need to do; review them regularly and as needed
4) close your eyes and picture yourself commencing successfully through the day with your healthy eating and exercise plan--and enjoying it
5) close your eyes and visualize yourself already at your lower, ideal weight; enjoy your success before it even happens
6) especially helpful: seek out some quality hypnosis for weight loss from a licensed, trained, and experienced psychotherapist--either live or through audio CDs

In short, put yourself in a peak emotional for weight loss. Give yourself the ultimate advantage. The better and more often you do this, the easier your weight loss journey. I promise. I've been there myself.

Best of success, health, and happiness.

Dr. Randy

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